MENAPAR as an international NGO has two types of memberships:

General (Individual, Institutional): This includes professionals (both researchers and practitioners) and organizations (public, private, think tank and other general institutions) located anywhere in the world.

Think Tank (Institutional only): The Think Tank Network (TTN) is a network of mature think tanks with their affiliated researchers, a sub-set of the general MENAPAR membership – only from and of the Arab MENA region. Free-lance researchers may join the TTN by affiliating themselves with MENAPAR, which identifies itself as a think tank.




Membership in the MENAPAR TTN

a. Requirements

i. MENA region public administration mature think tanks are eligible for membership in the MENAPAR TTN by way of membership in the MENAPAR NGO based on the Policies and Procedures of the TTN. These can be research institutes, universities or other knowledge-creating institutions with active researchers delivering Arab public administration research including policy papers and advocacy.

ii. All TTN members must have legal status in their home countries or be organically connected to a legal entity which is authorized to grant membership approval.

iii. Independent researchers can join the TTN by affiliation with any of the existing think tank members provided they fulfill the criteria specified by the TTN Policies and Procedures.

iv. Membership in the MENAPAR TTN is de facto membership in the Global Coalition.

v. Membership in the MENAPAR NGO does not grant default membership in the MENAPAR TTN. However, all TTN members are members of the NGO.


b. Policies and Procedures

i. The first step in becoming a MENAPAR TTN member is applying for MENAPAR NGO membership by visiting the MENAPAR website’s “Join Official Membership” page ( The application entails an approval process.

ii. Furthermore, membership in the MENAPAR TTN entails signing of an MoU between the MENAPAR NGO and the think tank seeking membership.

iii. Individual researchers seeking membership must be affiliated with a member think tank. They must be well published or be active researchers with a high level of interest in public administration, public management and/or administrative sciences research and research capacity building for the MENA region.

iv. At this time, there are no membership fees.

c. Benefits

i. Membership in the MENAPAR TTN provides the institutional member with a regional (as well as global, see point v) platform to publicize and promote its research, join policy dialogues, and exchange with other established MENA think tanks on public administration topics of common concern.

ii. The institutional member will benefit from knowledge produced by a multidisciplinary community of think tanks beyond its own membership and pool of expertise.

iii. TTN members will benefit from a Fellowship Programme, allowing for the exchange of active researchers among think tanks, especially across developing countries. This will contribute to research capacity building of the member think tank.

iv. The networks of think tanks, with support of the Secretariat, can jointly mobilize resources to support key research projects and events.

v. Membership in the TTN is de-facto membership in the Global Coalition, allowing for global outreach, engagement, and exchange with other think tank networks in the Global South.

vi. Membership in the TTN will facilitate the exchange of best practices and knowledge transfer across the MENA region contributing to capacity building.

d. Responsibilities

i. Member think tanks are expected to make available to the TTN active researchers in the discipline of public administration for mutually agreed upon projects.

ii. Member think tanks are expected to share information and knowledge about mutually agreed regional MENA joint research projects.

iii. Member think tanks are expected to facilitate TTN research projects in the administration of research instruments based on mutual agreement.

iv. Member think tank researchers are expected to actively participate on the Global Coalition platform.


Any individual or institution wishing to become a MENAPAR member should fill the membership form by clicking the "Join Us" button at the top right corner of the page.

Representing the Arab Region


The MENAPAR TTN envisions being inclusive and representative of all 22 Arab countries.

In addition to word of mouth professional referrals, MENAPAR shall proactively seek active researchers in the Arab MENA region.