The first MENAPAR conference was held in Bahrain, its country of inception hosted by BIPA which had given birth to the idea. The idea progressed in a workshop held by BIPA in collaboration with UNDP-Bahrain at the beginning of November 2013, which aimed to develop a scientific agenda to achieve a quantum leap in management, and set forth a new reality for the future of public administration based on the optimal employment of the best administrative practices in the government ecosystem. The ultimate goal was to strengthen the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain both locally and globally. The idea took its way to the official action with the launching of MENAPAR in 2014, where more than 500 people from 70 countries participated, 250 papers were submitted, and the Kingdom of Bahrain had 41 papers. The objective of this initial conference is to canvass the research scene in the Arab region. The conference included two plenaries, one on the research agenda for MENAPAR, and the second laid the ground for the formal establishment of the MENA group of PA.


Developing a Research Agenda for Public Management in the MENA Region.

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