EuroMENA Dialogue on Public Administration


The Arab-Euro Dialogue Conference “Euro-MENA” was held in Oman in 2016, under the theme of “Modernization of HARM and Performance of Public Organizations”. In continuation of the efforts undertaken in MENAPAR 2015, the event showcased the results of joint projects, which emerged from the second MENAPAR conference and the best practices workshop held in Tunisia. The conference addressed the means of improving the performance of public organizations and human resources development. In addition, it provided a platform for exchanging expertise and knowledge and review of the international experiences in the successful administrative practices. The event attracted 250 participants from the academia, practitioners and professionals in public administration science in the public and private sectors organizations as well as the scientific institutions. They represented 17 countries from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and submitted 84 peer-reviewed papers.


Modernisation of Human Resources Management and Performance of Public Organisations

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